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The setting this week is the alternate universe.

There is an unethical scientist who wants to be the next Jonas Salk experimenting on unwitting people in his attempt to concoct a vaccine for Avian Flu. Because the beetle that was the base of his formula died out when the universe’s sheep population ceased to exist over ten years ago, he has had to result to less-than-favorable means to complete his work.

Fauxlivia welcomes home Frank and they share a lot of screen time as their jobs coincide while searching for the scientist. He asks her to marry, and she accepts. When it is thought Fauxlivia is infected with the beetle parasite and Frank uses a sonogram to check the progress of her infestation, he discovered she is, instead, pregnant. Six weeks along, to be exact, making the baby Peter’s. Frank walks away from Fauxlivia when she cannot say she does not love Peter. Walternate visits Fauxlivia and tells her everything will be taken care of and her world is secure; after all, she is the mother of his future grandchild.

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Fringe Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Look lively, people. The new boss is here!


Do you have any idea how much I missed watching you get dressed in the morning?