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The alternate Fringe division confronts a strong new enemy this week.

Fauxlivia and Alt Lincoln discover David Robert Jones and his 47 shapeshifters.

David Robert Jones is brought in and questioned by many in Fringe Division.

Peter gives Jones a run for his money, Jones still manages to kill an entire chaildren's ward of people at a local hospital.

Jones is let go with a tracker, but he has help from Alt Broyles and disappears.

Elizabeth visits Walter from the other side to enlist his support in helping Peter.

Walter is forgiven by Elizabeth and he agrees to help Peter go home.

Olivia narrowly escapes being cut in half much like Jones was in the original universe.

Walter and Peter come to an understanding.

Nina is bad.




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Fringe Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Take me to your leader.

David Robert Jones

Fauxlivia: Haha! See, I think he's kinda funny lookin'.
Alt-Lincoln: You're funny lookin'!