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Peter is on the search for a girl with mysterious powers to see the future on this week's Fringe.

A teenage girl can predict deaths in the the near future through visions, which she draws. Sensing something she can trust in Olivia, she allows Walter to do some tests on her, and hypnotize her to help save the lives of others.

Peter and Walter are working together as they did in the past

We find that Massive Dynamic does not draw the line at experimentation on children, something that shakes Olivia to the core.

Peter's expertise is a welcome addition to the Fringe team, and they are growing to accept him, and Olivia learns from him what an Observer is and how they fit into the worlds.

Nina manages to slip into conversation she wants to send Olivia a new migraine drug Massive Dynamic has been working on.


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Which reminds me, I can't feel my urine response yet. I should probably go empty my bladder again.


I head that Walter is finally going to help you. I had to see with my own eyes.