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Walter aims to learn more about Donald on this episode of Fringe.

Walter enters the tank to uncover memories the boys showed him and discover where Donald is living.

Michael’s touch gave Walter back his memories from the timeline he never lived, and Walter is at peace.

There is a 99.9999% probability the Observers will succeed. Michael is that 0001%.

20 February 2167 was the day they decided to sacrifice emotion, compassion, etc., for intelligence, the turning point in human evolution. 

Olivia believes a time reset will bring Etta back to she and Peter.

Before being ambered, Walter made the decision to sacrifice himself for the cause.

Walter wonders if Michael showed him the past so he could come to terms with his own sacrifice for the plan.

The white tulip was again used by September in 2015 to give Walter the hope that they could win.

Michael walked willingly off the train and straight to Windmark.

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Fringe Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Peter: What is this boy? How could he do this for you, enable you to see a life you didn't live?
Walter: I'm not sure, but I feel it.

Olivia: Walter, why did you remove your trunks?
Walter: I was feeling too restrictive. My body needs to be as free and open as my mind is so I can find September.
Olivia: Are you feeling sufficiently free and open now?
Walter: I am. Let's get started.