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Peter struggles to keep his thoughts from an Observer.

Astrid and Walter continue to pull videotapes out of the amber.

Broyles meets with Captain Windmark, who tells him the “fugitives” are roaming too freely.

Olivia finds out how Etta has the bullet.

Walter leaves himself in a document in a language even he can’t understand.

Broyles is reunited with his old friends.

The Fringe team is discovered with Broyles and they have to set off on foot.

Etta is discovered by Windmark and he wants to know about the necklace.

Etta lets Windmark read her mind.

Windmark shoots Etta.

Her family gets to her, but Etta dies.

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Fringe Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Peter: You had to give up your necklace so we could work on the laser. I wanted to make sure you got a new one.
Etta: Thank you.
Peter: Worth every bump and bruise kiddo.
Etta: Well, you know the expression. No good deed goes unpunished.

Olivia: How is it coming?
Walter: Fast as a snail! At this rate, we'll save the world in another 21 years!