Looking For Power
Watch Fringe Season 5 Episode 2
"In Absentia"
Original Air Date:

Looking for information to help with their rebellion against the overlords, the team heads to Harvard to investigate Walter's former lab on Fringe.

Fringe Season 5 Premiere Pic
Watch Fringe Season 5 Episode 1
"Transilience Thought Unifier Model 11"
Original Air Date:

Fringe takes us to 2036 on the season five premiere of this great Fox drama.

Dunham, Olivia
Watch Fringe Season 4 Episode 22
"Brave New World Part 2"
Original Air Date:

It has all come down to this on the season four finale of Fringe. Which world will survive?

Blast to the Past
Watch Fringe Season 4 Episode 21
"Brave New World, Part 1"
Original Air Date:

Walter must revisit his past this week when a mysterious event threatens the world. It's part one of the season four finale.

Peter Considers New Developments
Watch Fringe Season 4 Episode 20
"Worlds Apart"
Original Air Date:

Shocking developments come to light about the Cortexiphan children on this episode of Fringe.

Walter Gets Disturbing News
Watch Fringe Season 4 Episode 19
"Letters In Transit"
Original Air Date:

In 2036 the Observers and the Fringe team find themselves involved in an epic battle.

Lincoln & Bolivia Discuss a Case on Fringe
Watch Fringe Season 4 Episode 18
"The Consultant"
Original Air Date:

When a Fringe event affects both worlds, Walter travels to the alternate universe to help. David Robert Jones picks his next target.

Alt. Lincoln
Watch Fringe Season 4 Episode 17
"Everything in its Right Place"
Original Air Date:

Lincoln Lee visits the Alternate Universe to assist on a case.

Nothing As It Seems Scene
Watch Fringe Season 4 Episode 16
"Nothing As It Seems"
Original Air Date:

A Fringe cast is familiar to Peter on this episode, but it's brand new to everyone else.

Peter on the Prowl
Watch Fringe Season 4 Episode 15
"A Short Story About Love"
Original Air Date:

Peter tries to decide what to do about Olivia this week, while a killer is out and about, targeting love.

Fringe Quotes

Walter: Tell Agent Broyles that science has no price tag!
Astrid: I'm sure he'll be very pleased to hear that.

Nina: As for your feelings about Peter, all wounds heal over time.
Olivia: I just wish it would move a little quicker.
Nina: Well, that's a coincidence, because we just filed a patent on that last week.

Fringe Music

  Song Artist
Song Poor Little Fool Ricky Nelson iTunes
Dear mr fantasy Dear Mr. Fantasy Traffic iTunes
Blue bayou Blue Bayou Roy Orbison iTunes