Sonja takes care of Seth
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Sonja decides that the best way to get her money back is to get Seth clean. Sadly for Seth, getting clean means being strapped to a chair and hallucinating. Culebras are the main player in his hallucination. Seth hallucinates that both Kate and Sonja are culebras.

Freddie finds the codex that Sex Machine is looking for. When Sex Machine returns home to find it mission, he pays Margaret as visit posed as Sheriff Tony. When Freddie returns home and figures out that Tony isn't Tony, a fight breaks out.

Seth manages to get clean, but he becomes suspicious of Sonja after she suggests that he goes to warn Richie that the Regulator is after him. Sonja's preoccupation with Richie and the fact that Seth found her right when he needed passports makes him suspect that she's either a culebra or working with them.

Richie turns to Uncle Eddie to help him with the next phase in his plan with Santánico. They need to meet a specific human trafficker, one that deals with culebras. While Richie works on setting things up on that end, Santánico teaches the girls how to dance. She wants to make sure that one of the girls will be chosen by Malvado.

Carlos pays a visit to Seth and offers him a deal. All Seth has to do is hand over Richie and Santánico, and Carlos will give him the life Seth's always wanted.

Margaret doesn't handle the culebra news well. She takes Billie and leaves.

From Dusk Till Dawn
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