A dangerous getaway - From Dusk Till Dawn
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Kate and Seth start planning the details of their heist. Seth teaches Kate some tricks of the trade. After seeing the press conference where Freddie declares that the Geckos are dead, Kate opens up about how she killed her father.

Freddie has been having nightmares. His most recent one involves him being buried alive and being saved by Richie. After pulling him up, Richie hands Freddie his Texas Ranger badge back, and passes on a message from Earl before going for Freddie's throat.

With a little help from Aiden Tanner's books and Margaret, Freddie discovers that the symbols in his dreams are constellations, and they, along with the sound of a crying baby, lead Freddie to more bodies. This bodies were buried alive, just like Freddie was in his dream, and each body has a symbol on their foreheads, bite marks, and injuries made by obsidian glass.

The bonds that Carlos had the Geckos steal contain the words of an ancient prophecy on them. They are also a map. Carlos tracks down Sex Machine, who has been turned into a culebra and is wandering the temple. It turns out, Sex Machine knows exactly what this map is talking about, and there's a codex that he has kept safe that will provide answers.

Freddie goes to Sex Machine's house to find answers, and he stumbles on the codex.

Meanwhile the Regulator eats the eyeball of a Mexican police officer, and suddenly sees everything that he saw. This leads the Regulator to the mercado where Seth and Kate are currently making off with the money that they stole. Rafa gives his life so that Kate and Seth can escape.

Seth isn't too happy that Kate knowingly worked with a culebra, and after fighting, Kate and Seth part ways. Kate gets the car and a lot of the cash, while Seth takes some cash and heads out on foot.

Carlos frees Scott from the temple, after Scott tried and failed to kill him.

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From Dusk Till Dawn Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

The bonds are the map. I'm the map.


Let me tell you something, and I know that you habla íngles, so don't give me that look. I'm not your enemy, and I'm not your friend. I'm simply here for what's mine. Now I understand that it was yours, but due to the unwritten rules of this life that you chose, it now belongs to me, so I'm going to take it. This is who I am. Do you understand? This is what I do, but thank for your cooperation. Adios.