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On From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 9, Amaru is preparing to return to her body. All she needs is for Freddie to deliver Venganza to her, and he's on her way. Don't worry, kiddos, Freddie is part of Seth's plan. He's the distraction while Seth and company get into position.

Seth and Richie, along with some culebras from the prison, are going to walk into town and take out some of Amaru's men, while the rest of the team sneaks into the tunnels. In the church, Freddie is going to open the door that leads to the tunnels, allowing the team to get inside the church to attack Amaru and hopefully save Kate.

One by one, Seth and Richie's team gets turned to dust, and Richie drives Zolo out of town, leaving Seth to face off against Brasa. Seth's one scrappy son of a gun, and he uses dirty bombs made with culebra venom to kill Brasa. Richie, meanwhile, bests Zolo in a fight, but he is stuck out in the middle of the desert without a mask to shield him from the sun, and his car died.

In the church, Venganza kills herself, and Amaru finally has the ashes from all the Nine Lords. Burt and Scott are too late - Amaru has completed the ritual. Scott tends to Kate, who has fainted from blood loss, and Burt, unfortunately, is killed by Amaru.

Now, Amaru has risen, and she expects people to bow before her.

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From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Seth: If something goes wrong, if we get held up, I'm trusting you to finish her off.
Kisa: Finish off Kate?
Seth: Yeah.

When Amaru walks among us, the gateway will open. Hell will consume us.