Mother & Son - FROM Season 1 Episode 6
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A montage shows Boyd and Kenny burying Nathan, Jade building an antenna, Tabitha boxing up belongings, Julie retrieving flowers from the Colony House porch, and Khatri giving a sermon.

After Tabitha returns some papers to Khatri, he retreats to the church's basement, where it's revealed he has Sara tied up.

Kenny tells Boyd that he wants to venture deeper into the woods as a way to search for ways to get them home, but Kenny has an adverse reaction.

Jim tells Tabitha that the cords in the house have no wires, and the plugs don't work. Jade then comes and enlists Jim's help. The two travel to Jade's car ad strip it for parts before finding a tall enough tree to affix the antenna to.

Khatri questions Sara about the voices, and she tells him that they told her they want to go home. The voices told her things before they happened, such as the two vehicles coming on the same day. Khatri tells her that they need to find a way to prove that the voices are real to show Boyd.

Tabitha takes the box of belongings to the storage room at the diner and discovers a bracelet that she takes with her.

Jade sees a symbol on the tree Jim is in, along with dead bodies hanging from the branches. A soldier then appears and chases Jade to the woods before Jim arrives and brings Jade back to reality. Later, Jade draws the symbol he saw at the diner, and Mrs. Liu shows him a notebook in the storage room with the same symbol drawn.

Jim gets static on the radio.

Sara draws a picture from the thoughts the voices speak to her, which shows Khatri burying a bag.

After speaking to Kristi about how Kenny is coping, Boyd confides in him that he's sick. He tells him that he wants to help them find a way home while he still can.

Jim returns home to see Tabitha digging in the basement. She tells him that she found the bracelet she made from him when they first started dating in the storage room at the diner. They decide to figure out where the wires go by continuing to dig.

Khatri digs up the bag from a field, revealing that the voices were correct.

A man at Colony House opens the sheets on the window to one of the monsters holding a bouquet he left for her. She then asks when she'll be invited inside.

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FROM Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

We need to talk.

Khatri [to Sara]

Tabitha: Do you think she's still alive?
Khatri: It's unlikely she survived the night.