Boyd & Sara Discover - FROM Season 1 Episode 10
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Jade comes to the Matthews and shows them that electricity is coming out of the lamps. And if they can secure enough lamps and wires, they should be able to turn Colony House into a battery to power the radio tower.

Sara and Boyd exit the tent for the first time since it was dragged the night before. Outside they are surrounded by cobwebs.

Jade and Jim instruct the town to gather as much wire as possible.

Kenny and Kristi share a moment where he asks her to travel with him when they return home, but she tells him that she's engaged. Later, she relays to him her confusion about the situation.

Ellis proposes to Fatima, and she accepts.

Boyd and Sara travel toward the light, and Boyd hears a woman's voice in the woods and rushes to it. He finds Abby covered in cobwebs, and she grabs his arm before he retreats back to Sara and gets bitten by numerous spiders.

As they continue through the woods, Boyd feels unwell, but Sara pushes them forward as a storm approaches.

With the tower upright at Colony House, they have a signal. Jim begins transmitting out, with the storm being to rain down.

Boyd and Sara make their way over the hill and see a lighthouse. The boy in white appears and tells Sara to put Boyd in a faraway tree. Boyd goes inside and becomes trapped inside a tight stone structure.

As Jim transmits on the radio, a voice replies and tells him that Tabitha shouldn't be digging that hole.

Back at the house, Tabitha breaks through the bottom of the basement and falls into a hole where Victor is waiting for her. He tells her they have to move, as that is where they sleep.

Jim arrives back at the house to find Tabitha gone and the floor caved in.

A bus arrives in town.

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FROM Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Sara: Where do you think we are?
Boyd: I think it's time we find out.

Boyd: You know, if you cut a worm in half, it grows back into two worms.
Sara: What's your point?
Boyd: My point is worms are fucking creepy. I'm sure it feels right at home here.