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After get extremely dehydrated on a mission to Trisol, Fry drinks a bottle of water that contains the planet's emperor.  Fry is declared the new emperor.

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Futurama Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Bender: Oh, I'm sorry, Fry. She's dead.
Fry: All Leela ever wanted to do was help me, but I was too proud and stupid to accept it. I wish I had died instead of her.
Leela: What are you talking about?
Fry: You're alive!
Leela: Of course I'm alive.
Bender: I told Fry you were dead so he would cry out the Emperor but you had to go and wreck it by surviving.

Telephone voice: Collect call from-
Bender: I'm not giving my name to a machine!
Leela: I'll accept.