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The professor makes a device that can create two clones of something at 60% of it’s original size. Bender decides to clone himself.

The group delivers hygiene products to an ugly giant and the Benders end up angering him. The group is able to escape the planet before things get worse.

Back on Earth, Bender’s clones continue to clone themselves. The professor hypothesizes they will eventually die out after drinking all the alcohol on Earth. It seems to work at first, but the Professor comes to realize the Benders are so small now they can atomically change water to alcohol.

Meanwhile, the giant comes down to Earth and vows to destroy it. Bender and his clones are able to destroy him.

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Futurama Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

So that's where baby sweaters come from!


Professor: Everyone look at my new latest invention.
Amy: I like how it's not killing us so far.