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Bender witnesses Calculon get “clamped” by Francis. Bender tells the police what he sees and they use him as a witness in their trial.

The robot mafia goes after Bender for being a snitch.

Bender is put in witness protection and Francis takes over for Bender at Planet Express.

Francis and Zoidberg fight on the moon. The robot mafia thinks they’ve successfully killed "Billy" a Hillbilly version Bender.

The gang is mourning Bender at a pizza shop and the real Bender shows up. Turns out Billy really was just a Hillbilly version of Bender.

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Futurama Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

Professor: Who likes good news?
[Everyone raises their hands.]
Professor: Everyone? Then good news everyone! Our next delivery isn't to some dangerous outer space planet it's to Earth.
Fry: Earth is dangerous. I fell off my chair their once.

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