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The Planet Express crew spends time togetherin a social capacity atOktoberfest. The future version is a much more subdued and classy affair than the Oktoberfest of the 20th century, but Fry didn't get that memo, causing him to make a fool of himself by becoming drunk and acting like a fool. Leela breaks up with him, confirming to Fry that they were dating – but aren't any more! In his grief, he goes with Bender to try and find a frozen woolly mammoth to turn into prize-winning sausage. However, his clothes get caught in the sausage processor, which causes Leela to think that she's eaten her ex when she tries Bender's sausage. To ease her pain, she goes to a place that eliminates the links in her brain to memories of Fry.

However, Fry merely fell into the ice, falling into a land of neanderthals, who accept him as one of their own due to being frozen in ice, losing his memory of his life on the surface, and the large bump on his forehead he now sports. Fry winds up leading the neanderthals to the surface as they try to take back Germany from the homo sapiens who once rejected them, which winds up with Fry and Leela meeting on the battlefield. However, seeing each other awakens their dormant memories,  they enjoy a passionate kiss, and everyone ceases their fighting. A rowdy, drunken Oktoberfest is enjoyed by all.

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Futurama Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

Man, all the fun has been taken out of this once-noble Barfapalooza!


It's July, right? Let's wait three months and go to Oktoberfest!

Professor Farnsworth