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Galavant, Sid, and Princess Isabella have almost arrived to Valencia.

Meanwhile, The King plans to kill Galavant when he arrives, and then present Madelena with the jewel.

The chef wants the handmaiden to date him while Queen Madalena has a solo performance that inspires her to be more confident.

The Princess tries to stall Galavant’s arrival to the kingdom. She convinces him by telling him he smells and needs to wash himself. They arrive at a church with singing Monks, led by Weird Al Yankovich.

Princess Isabella seeks advice from the Monks, and she’s feeling guilty for setting up Galavant.

Madelena overhears that Galavant is on his way and develops a plan.

Princess Isabella arrives and tells King Richard he can’t kill Galavant or he won’t get the jewel.

Galavant plans to sneak into the castle with the monks. Meanwhile, Isabella and Galavant seem to be growing closer.

The Queen sets up the chef and the handmaiden on a date. The chef and the handmaiden sing a song about the possibility of sharing their lives together.

Galavant, Isabella, and Sid arrive to the castle where the King is waiting for them. The King reveals that Isabella brought Galavant into the trap.

Galavant says she should have told him, and they could have made a plan.

The Queen has the chef and Galavant switched, so that the chef is taken to be killed while Galavant is brought to the dinner the chef has prepared.

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Galavant Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

There it is. Valencia. How do you think this should go down. Do you think I should save the kingdom and then rescue Madelena? Or do you think I should rescue then save? I just want it to have a dramatic build you know? I mean either way, we’re all gonna live happily ever after.


Sid: You know someone should come up with something around the crotch that would just go zip. You could do your business and be done with it.
Galavant: That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.