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Anthony Stewart Head guest stars as Galavant's father in a flashback. He tells Galavant that having feelings is nonsense.

Isabelle tries to talk to Galavant about their budding feelings, but he's not listening.

Isabella's father tells her that her cousin is coming to save them, and then she can marry him.

Queen Madalena calls the prisoners in to meet King Richard's brother. His brother challenges King Richard to a duel, and each of them choose a champion to fight for them. Gareth is chosen by the King's brother, so Galavant volunteers to fight for the King. He says if he wins, King Richard must let everyone go.

Galavant's song about his moment in the sun keeps getting interrupted.

Isabella's cousin arrives, and he is very young. Now Galavant is distracted.

The King stalls the duel with a ceremony for the prince.

The Jester distracts the guard with magic and steals his keys.

Chef and the handmaiden plan to poison everyone so that they can live happily ever after.

Madalena points out that Galavant is being stubborn thanks to what he learned from his father.

Gareth tells King Richard that he should have fought his brother himself. He also comments that the hummus is really creamy and yummy.

Chef didn't poison the food, but he did put in ingredients that everyone was allergic to. The Chef and Handmaiden kiss and watch while everyone suffers.

Sid arrives and throws Galavant a sword. He uses the sword to save Isabella from eating the crab she is allergic too, rather than to kill the king.

The King's brother wants the Chef killed. King Richard announces that he will fight his own duel. The brother does not agree to fight himself, though.

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Galavant Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Your moment of glory will come, young Galavant. Be patient, be ready, and also, never get married.


Sorry, I can't talk. I'm in hero mode.