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We open with a song about the hero, Sir Galavant, in which everyone sings about how wonderful he is. The song gives the back story about the lovely lady Madelena, who is Sir Galavant’s true love. One day, the evil King Richard sees Madelena and decides that he wants her for himself. She is kidnapped and taken to his castle. Sir Galavant sets off to rescue her as she is about to be married. He arrives just in time, declaring that Madelena will choose true love over anything King Richard has to offer. However, Madelena says that after thinking about it for a while, she’s decided to choose fame and fortune. She tells Galavant she hopes they can still be friends. Galavant is devastated and drowns himself in alcohol. His squire wakes him and brings in Princess Isabella, who wants his help. Meanwhile, the Jester tries to entertain King Richard and Madelena, but Madelena is interested in more than just a laugh from the Jester. King Richard is concerned about winning the love of Madelena, and decides that he will buy it if he has to. So he sets about to get the jewel of Valencia. Princess Isabella asks Galavant what has happened to him, and tells she’s worried that King Richard has ordered her parents to be killed. However, flashbacks show that Princess Isabella is up to something more.
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Galavant Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

King Richard: And then tonight, you will join me in my bed.
Madelena: Yes, my king.
King Richard: Then, we're going to do it.
Madelena: Yes.
King Richard: And we're not just going to sit in bed and open gifts and talk about how much fun the wedding was. Okay? We're. Doing. It."

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