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The Jester sings a recap song as the armies gather. Isabella tries to inspire confidence in her army but she herself is certain they will fail. Richard is also uneasy about the impending battle and Galavant reassures him. 

Gareth notices something wrong with Madalena's eyes and questions her about the dark magic, which she denies. Wormwood convinces Madalena to sit out of the fight but Gareth refuses. 

Chef and Gwynne are happily living away from the conflict, or so they thought. They hide under the floor when they realize that their quiet country cottage is at the center of the battle. 

The armies each fight. Galavant searches for Isabella. Richard is flustered and Isabella is dominating, while Madalena and Wormwood watch from afar. Wormwood realizes that the one true King is fighting tells Madalena that she must use the d'dew. She is unsure because she knows Gareth doesn't approve. 

Galavant finds Isabella and Gareth runs into Richard. Galavant and Isabella kiss and Richard and Gareth make up. 

Madalena's d'dew controls the zombie army. The zombie army turns on everyone, even the Valencia army. They retreat and Gareth realizes that Madalena betrayed him. 

Gareth, Richard, Galavant, Isabella and the armies hide in the Hortensia castle. Madalena pleads with Gareth to come with her but he refuses again. The group realizes they may die but stand ready to fight the zombie army. 



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Galavant Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Thank you very much. Here all week, unless I die. Thank you!


Galavant: Over the last months, I've watched you transform from a boob into a real man. And today you're going to transform into a warrior.
Richard: You said boob.