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Richard as a young child, with young Gareth at his side, questions his life. Young Richard is joined by his future self as they wonder if their day will ever come to be the hero. 

The zombie army is still trying to break through the castle door when another army approaches. It's Sid and an army he has gathered from the Enchanted Forest and other various characters from this season. 

With Sid's army, Galavant and company make a stand against Madalena and her zombie army. Madalena encounters Isabella and they battle. 

Richard confronts Wormwood. Wormwood tells Richard what his sword means, that he is the one who will unite them all. Wormwood throws Tad Cooper, enraging Richard. Richard breaks Wormwood's wand and the spell on the zombie army is broken. Richard kills Wormwood and everyone sees that Richard is the one true King. 

Madalena uses her magic to vanish after breaking things off with Gareth, even though they are in love. 

Galavant proposes to Isabella, while her parents and Sid look on. Wormwood comes back to life to give them wedding planning advice before really dying. 

Richard stops Roberta before she leaves for the Island of Spinster and they kiss. Galavant and Isabella get married and the King and Queen of Valencia take back the throne. 

Gareth decides that he is going to go save Madalena from herself and Sid agrees to join him. Galavant and Isabella are now living in a house by the sea.

Madalena goes to a dark lord to learn his ways. Richard and Roberta are living happily with Tad Cooper. who is now a full sized dragon. 


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Galavant Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Richard: Someone's daughter is going to get a little whoop whoop tonight!
King of Valencia: What the hell is wrong with you?
Richard: I honestly have no idea.

Men and women of the second season, attack!