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Having escaped from the Enchated Forest, King Richard and Galavant walk and walk until Richard's boot falls apart. They stop in a village to get it repaired. Richard complains that he misses Gareth. Isabella asks the chef to take her amulet that she never takes off and give it to her parents. The chef agrees even though he is convinced he has never seen it before. Isabella recalls her kiss with Galavant just as Galavant starts to think about it too and they sing a duet about the horrible kiss while they both dream. Isabella wakes up to a very pissed off chef who was there all night because she never actually gave him the necklace. 

In the village, Galavant finds a artisan to fix Richard's boot. There, Richard meets a unicorn and the animal keeper tells him that the unicorn is only attracted to children and virgins. The unicorn follows Richard the entire episode, even as Galavant and Richard go see a fortune teller. Edwin, the fortune teller tells their fortune using a cootie catcher and they are interrupted when Edwin's wife calls on his crystal ball. They realize that they can call Isabella on it! 

Now that she has the key, Isabella sneaks out of her little box and the Jester helps her escape during the changing of the guard. As she is trying to escape, chef sees that the amulet is ringing. He and Gwynne answer it and it's Galavant and Richard. The chef gives Richard the bad news that Gareth is the King now and that he betrayed Richard. The chef finds Isabella before she escapes but the call gets really bad reception and Isabella misunderstands what Galavant is saying. Isabella thinks he says that he doesn't love her and she sulks back to her locked room. 

Queen Madalena and King Gareth can't agree on the castle decorations or anything and Sid steps in to help after Gareth finds his paintings in the moat. Madalena has a long list of what keeps her happy. Gareth only cares about beer. They agree to disagree but end up finding common ground when they are both annoyed with Sid and they throw him out of the window. 

Richard is confronted by the unicorn again and pulls a sword from a stump in the middle of the village. There is carving on the stump that says whoever pulls the sword from the stump will be the one true king, but they don't see and continue on their journey to Richard's home. They reach it, but much to their surprise, Richard's castle is gone! 

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Galavant Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer.


I'm sorry, I didn't actually sleep very well. I dreamt a very upsetting musical number.