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No one in the trio is willing to cop to Daryl's murder. They're all freaking out.

The cops found about 100K outside the apartment, though. That payment is why Daryl checked himself out of the hospital, according to thug Terry. Eddie thought killing Boots was the end of it.

Jessie wonders if Jackson is just going to leave again. He says no. She stays the night with Annie and Gil tells Jackson he's with Jessie on their way home. Jackson says there's no reason to be worried about seeing Jessie. Shawn thinks getting married is just nuts.

Jessie has been divorced twice, so Gil and Jessie won't be getting married any time soon.

On the other hand, Jackson can't wait to marry Marina, even wondering if he can take her last name. Joking, of course.

The detective, Liz, shows up at his home, asking about Quitman. Not cool. And he's not cool with it.

Annie wonders about Jackson. Jessie says they really don't know him that well, because they haven't seen him that summer.

Jackson, Gil and Shawn try to figure out how to take down Quitman. Jackson wants to do it legally, but they need murder, because it's the only thing with no statute of limitations. What about Petey, Shawn asks? He was apparently covered in acid or something. Lost after Quitman. He and Gil tried to find him, but he just disappeared.

When Warden Carroll talks to Terry about Jackson and Boots from Quitman, Terry seems to have almost good memories of them both. "Little white kid" is what he calls Boots and he smiles when he says Jackson.

The trio find the nurse who helped Peter Curtis. She cried for an ambulance, but they took him off in a corrections van instead. She never saw him again. She eventually won't talk further because another guy disappeared in 1998. Amy doesn't want to be next.

Marina calls Jackson. She's been waiting for him. She asks that a bottle of champagne be sent to the table from Jackson as her parents are saying how much they like his teeth. So straight and white. Maybe their kids won't need braces.

Eddie and the long hair are the meeting with someone expecting Daryl.

Liz is having Annie look through a book of mug shots.

The trio finds a houseboat with the guard in question. He's gutting fish and licking his fingers. Gil immediately attacks. His name is Bobby. He won't talk about it. The Warden couldn't find out anyone was having kids use that stump killer because it was illegal. the Warden pushed Bobby out of the van and drove away. The Warden said he "took care of it" and to stop asking questions.

They get him to talk to the camera. Robert Allen Marks, worked for Quitman before it was privatized, and on.

Annie is crying because she doesn't understand why Boots had a gun. She didn't know her husband.

Jessie tells Annie how Jackson left after Quitman without even saying a word.

The trio leaves the houseboat, but not until Gil tells Bobby what he thinks.

Annie tells Jessie to talk to Jackson. After all, they haven't seen each other since he left Brennan, right? Jessie flashes back to dumping the body into a deep grave in the rainy woods. Yep.

Terry and his two thugs have an air martial in a giant plastic bag. He's screaming. He can't breathe. It's horrid. Terry shoots him in the head. Now he can't breathe.

Oscar calls Liz at home. Gil Harris owns a grey Dodge truck that matches the description of the one that was outside Daryl's apartment.

Gil says Bobby was lying, because Bobby said he wasn't at the Warden's parties.

Bobby is drinking Jim Beam by the bottle. He calls Warden Carroll and gives him the rundown. What an idiot.

Jackson gets home and Marina doesn't even look up from her work.

He lies to her about golfing and riding a boat on the water.

Terry is sitting outside his house, casing the joint.

Game of Silence
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Game of Silence Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I'd set them on fire, shoot 'em in the face and go get a bag of tacos.


Air Martial [suffocating]: I can't breathe! I can't breathe!!
Terry [shoots him]: Now you can't breathe.