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Protecting Jessie from her mother who was taking her to be baptized. It was all Jackson's fault she needed Jesus. They barely got down the street when they swerved to avoid hitting a dog and killed an oncoming driver.

Now Jackson is an attorney, marring his boss, living in Houston. Shawn and Gill are still sort of thugs. Boots lives in Brennan and works for a moving company. He has a baby on the way.

One day, Boots sees a thug from his past walk out of an apartment and beats him to death with a golf club.

Just after doing particularly well in court, Gil and Shawn appear in Jackson's office. They need his help. Boots was arrested.

Boots tells Jackson this murder wasn't a mistake. He snapped, and he's not sorry. Daryl had it coming. They all do..

The woman they hit didn't die, but there was hell to pay. They each got nine months in one of the worst places on earth, Quitman. They were like lambs to the slaughter.

While they're having drinks later, Jessie shows up. Gil invited her. Jackson is totally surprised. She's beautiful. The whole gang is back together.

Gil is just aching for a fight. Any fight. When Jackson leaves, he pounds the first guy who looks at him wrong.

Gil and Jessie are living together. She's upset because Gil obviously didn't tell Jackson they're together. It bothered her that it's been 25 years since she saw Jackson and they saw each other on a lie.

Back at Quitman, Boots had to go to the bathroom, but the kids wouldn't let him. Jackson tried to stand up for him and got beaten by the guards for his reward.

The warden is still in the thick of it, and Daryl still works for him. A fellow named Terry is telling the Warden he needs to be aware. Warden is ready to run for congress because being Lt. Governor isn't enough for him.

Jackson wants to take a pass on a dinner with Marina. He needs to look at Boots' case. While doing it, he remembers how the warden used to make them fight at Quitman. Gil fights well. The guards didn't like that, so they took him outside to teach him a lesson. Or something. The warden liked him and if he played his cards right, he'd get anything he wanted around there so said Daryl.

Terry wants to know who Boots is working for. They cannot find a connection. Terry says to have someone take care of him.

Boots is eating shank for breakfast.

Jackson gets to the hospital. Boots is in surgery. Gang squad is there. Jackson has no idea why.

Boots' wife, pregnant Annie, is there waiting for news. Jackson can't believe it.

Gil walks down the hall and sees Daryl. He's overcome with memories.

Jackson looks up news on Ray Carroll. He calls Det. Winters. He's ready to talk.

Jessie wants to know why Boots is arrested for attempted murder and lays into him for lying to her. He says it has nothing to do with him and her. She still says noting about her and Gil.

Everyone is saying goodbye to Boots. Things don't look good for their old friend. Jackson tells him he didn't forget what they did to him, them or anyone. He will never forget.

Back at the school, as Boots is being dragged away after a Quitman issue, Gil screams at the warden that he owes him. Meanwhile, in the present, Boots dies.

Gil goes to get his gun. He wants to kill Daryl. Now.

Jackson wants to get the whole group by way of the law. Make them spend their lives in prison. Gil doesn't want anyone to know what happened to them.

While celebrating his court victory and promotion to partner, Jackson gets a call. A male says not to kick the rock. They know what he did.

He goes to see Jessie. She swears she didn't tell Gil about it. Nobody knows. Jackson flashes back to a night he pistol whipped one of the guards and left him for dead in a rainy forest.

After Boots' funeral, the detective tells the remaining three friends Daryl was found dead this morning. In his own kitchen, three bullet holes in his chest.

Game of Silence
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Game of Silence Season 1 Episode 0 Quotes

Gil: The guy Boots attacked was Daryl.
Jackson: Daryl from Quitman?

Jackson, Boots is our brother. He doesn't need just any lawyer. He needs you.