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Gil and Jessie are making love.

She wonders if he's OK. Yes, he's good. He's never talked as much as he has to her over the last few days. She wonders if maybe he should go to a therapist. There's no job today, Gil and Shawn are still moving forward with the plan without Jackson.

Jackson, who is installing an upgraded security system. Marina wonders why. He comes up with a recently released convict and mentions the landscaping dude. That HE invited over, she reminds him. He shakes it off.

Terry is being interrogated.

Warden Carroll is recording a commercial.

Gil is really worried because of what he found out from Bobby about the Warden having photos of him. Jessie will be involved whether Gil and Shawn like it or not. The only reason they got sent away was because of her. 

Shawn finds a photo of the mustached guard from Quitman Jessie and Jackson buried in the woods. That's who Shawn and Gil are looking for today. Jessie just puts her head down.

Then she goes to see Jackson. He tells her to tell the others to drop it all.

Jessie remembers when she rode her bike to Quitman to see the boys. A man told her seeing her would only disappoint the boys and embarrass them. She changed her mind and never went in.

Terry gives a dude named Marco (the laughing man) a backpack full of money to go off and make a deal. The dude sitting next to him thought he was nest. He's not pleased.

Red Tyson has gone black for 18 years. The skip tracer cannot find anything on the guy. 

At work, Warden Carroll is brought into Jackson's office. Carroll is there to ask about Bobby. The two go head to head in a verbal battle. What Carroll has is words about Jackson, and Carroll's hard evidence. Video of Jackson killing Red Tyson in cold blood 18 years ago. That stops Jackson in his tracks.

Gil shows up drunk at Jackson and Marina's engagement party. He's such a mess. He makes a spectacle of himself, and Jackson has to punch him in the face to get him to shut up.

Marina wants to know what's going on. She sees Jessie in too many places. Jackson finally tells her they were all his friends down in Brennan. That Boots was killed in jail. That Boot's death shook everyone up. They were all best friends years ago. She wonders why he wouldn't tell her.

He didn't know if they were going to be in their lives or if he was helping them out through a tough time. He says he tried to be their friends again, but it didn't work. He says that's everything. You can tell by the look on her face if she ever finds our he's lying, there will not be another chance to make it right.

But when he says they were his best friends, she walks to his side and hugs it out.

Shawn is helping Annie and little Boots. He laughs with Annie when he tells her the neighbor will be there tonight. She's old as hell, but she'll have diapers and so will little Boots.

Jackson and Marina show up at the same time the gang is visiting Annie and Little Boots.

Terry actually had his dude who didn't get the backpack job (Eddie) set up his own death stage. WTF? Unfortunately, I do not now nor will I ever care about thugs. 

Jackson finally tells Shawn and Gil they need to give up their search for Red Tyson. He killed him 18 years ago and Warden Tyson knows what he did. If they wake any more ghosts from Quitman, he'll go down for murder. Gil doesn't believe him. 

Jessie wonders why Jackson lied about what really happened to Red. To protect her.

Apparently, Jackson started the kill, but Jessie finished it. They both had a part in Red's murder.

The gang is watching old movies of them bowling. Annie gets a phone call. A man in jail confessed to stabbing Boots. She cries, Shawn is angry Boots was locked in a cell with a lifer. Gil says it was someone taking the rap for the real killer. 

Watching some videos of how they were? That's enough to get Jackson back on board with the plan. He tells Shawn and Gil about Terry delivering a message to his house.

The detective lady goes to Marco's house. Marco is outside on top of plastic, tied to a chair. Terry has a gun pointed at his head. Her appearance means nothing to him. Covered in brain, she asks Terry why. He starts explaining. She says this isn't part of their deal. She can give him intel, but she can't watch him kill.

Oh god. 

Now I'm officially hate watching the show.

Jessie goes to volunteer for Carroll's campaign.

Game of Silence
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Game of Silence Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Hello Jackson, Ray Carroll. Got a couple minutes for a humble servant to plead his case?


Jackson: I'm not that kid you used to push around in Quitman anymore. You don't scare me.
Carroll: Oh, but I think I do, Jackie.