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Ned makes a fateful decision, while Catelyn brokers a deal with the Walder Frey.

The deal Catelyn strikes decides the future for many of her children, but allows Robb and his army to cross lands into battle.

A small battle ensues, and most of the Stark men are lost. However, they only sent 2000 men, and captured Jaime in the process.

For reasons unknown, Ned put his honor aside and attempted to lie to save his life. It did not turn out as he planned, and in spite of his false confession, Joffrey had him killed anyway.

Elsewhere Khal Drogo's wound has progressed beyond the ability of anyone to help. One woman tells the Khaleesi she can do a blood spell in an attempt to save his life, and in her dire need to keep her sun and her stars alive, she allows the ritual.

Bit by bit you can see the Dothraki turning against her. Jorah fears for her safety, but she refuses to leave the Khal's side.

Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Maester Aemon: If the day should ever come when your Lord father had to choose between honor on the one hand and his family on the other, what would he do?
Jon: He would do whatever is right no matter what.
Maester Aemon: Then Lord Stark is one man in 10,000. Most are not so strong.

You think my life is such a precious thing to me, that I would trade my honor for a few more years...of what?