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Tyrion finds himself in major trouble on this Game of Thrones episode, as he prepares to stand trial for the murder of Joffrey. Cersei mourns the loss of her son and asks Jaime to kill their brother to avenge him. Sansa is take aboard Baelish's ship by Ser Dontos and is killed after.

Stannis and Davos discuss their next move with Joffrey dead. Shireen continues to help Davos with his reading, but also gives him an idea that might help his standing with her father.

Arya and the Hound are taken in by a man and his daughter. The man offers Sandor fair wages for fair work, but Sandor robs him anyway.

The army of wildings raid a village and Styr sends a lone surviving boy to the wall to deliver a message to the Crows. Back at Castle Black, Sam takes measures to protect Gilly and her baby.

Tywin visits Oberyn and questions him about Joffrey's death. He asks Oberyn to sit as one of the three judges at Tyrion's trial as well as remain on as an advisor to the new king. As payment, he pledges to help Oberyn get justice for his sister's murder.

Dany reaches the gates of Mereen. Daario defends her honor in battle. Dany makes a speech to the enslaved people offering them a choice. 


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