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On this Game of Thrones episode Dany balances justice and mercy after Grey Worm orchestrates a slave rebellion inside the walls of Meereen. Jaime visits with Tyrion and believes his brother was not behind Joffrey's murder. Cersei asks him to track down and kill Sansa, but he instead tasks Brienne with upholding his oath to Catelyn Stark.

Aboard Baelish's ship, Sansa learns who was behind Joffrey's murder. Olenna reveals her involvement as well to Margaery. Margaery visits Tommen in his chambers and shares a secret.

Jon secures some volunteers to go North of the wall to Craster's Keep to get to its new mutinous inhabitants. Among the volunteers is Locke who was sent by Bolton to find the youngest Stark boys.

At Craster's Keep, Karl asserts his power. When the last son of Craster is born, he learns that others had been given to the White Walkers. When the baby is left in the woods, Hodor hears it crying. He and the rest of their group are caught by the mutineers.

Craster's baby is taken away by a White Walker and turned into one himself.

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Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Tyrion: So, should I turn around and close my eyes?
Jaime: Depends, did you do it?
Tyrion: The King Slayer Brothers, you like it? I like it. You really asking if I killed your son?
Jaime: You really asking if I'd kill my brother?

Sansa's not a killer. Not yet anyway.