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Tyrion sees the truth of his situation on the Game of Thrones finale, while circumstances get changed by an unexpected arrival north of the Wall.

Jon snow enters Mance's camp. They drink to those lost during the battle. Mance realizes Jon's real motive, but before anything happens they hear horns blow. Stannis Baratheon's army rides in and takes the Wilding army by surprise. Jon asks that Mance's life be spared and suggests they burn the bodies of the dead before nightfall.

Cersei gives Qyburn license to work his magic and treat the poisoned Clegor despite Pycelle's objections. She then goes to see her father and tells him the truth about her and Jaime. She then goes to see Jaime and tells him what she did and that she chooses him, despite what people will think.

In her audience hall Dany receives a man who wishes to be sold back into slavery. She then is visited by a man who shows her the charred remains of his young daughter. He claims she was killed by a black dragon. Dany asks about the last knows whereabouts of Grogon. She attaches collars to Viserion and Rhaegal and seals them in the catacombs.

In search of the Eyrie, Brienne of Tarth and Podrick happen upon Arya Stark. Pod recognizes the Hound when he steps out from some rocks and the mood changes. Brienne and Sandor fight ending in her throwing him off a cliff. Arya finds him near death, but leaves him to suffer instead of killing him like he asked.

Bran and his group reach the tree they have been after. A group of skeletal soldiers emrge from the ground and attack them. Bran takes over Hodor's body to fight the wights, leaving his own vulnerable. A child of the forest appears, and ushers Hodor and Bran, back in his own body, to safety. Meera is unwilling to give up on Jojen until her wounded brother tells her she must. The child of the forest sends a bolt of light toward Jojen, setting him aflame. The three follow the child into a cave and meet the Three-Eyed Raven. A pale man on a nest of roots, he explains he takes on many forms. When Bran asks if he will ever walk again, the raven tells him he will fly.

Jaime comes to set Tyrion free. Tyrion detours to his Tower of the Hand. Entering Tywin's bedroom, Tyrion spots Shae in his father's bed, and infuriated, strangles her with the gold chains he once gave her. He then picks up Joffrey's crossbow and locates his father in the privy. When his father calls Shae a whore a second time, Tyrion unleashes a pair of bolts into his father, killing him. Varys smuggles him aboard a ship and sits with him as it prepares to deport.

Arya makes her way to a port where she books passage north after presenting the captain the steel coin given to her by Jaqen H'ghar.


Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Mance: One of our giants went into your tunnel and never came out again. Mag the Mighty.
Jon: He's dead. He killed my friend Grenn.
Mance: He was their king. Last of a bloodline that stretches back before the first men.
Jon: Grenn came from a farm.
Mance: Mac and Grenn.
Jon: Grenn and Mac.

Stand down. I said my people have bled enough and I meant it.