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Joffrey and Margaery tie the knot on this Game of Thrones installment, while Tyrion offers help to his brother Jaime.

Theon is still under the control of Ramsay, whose father pays him a visit. His father, Lord Bolton is not happy to hear what has happened to his prize prisoner.

Jaime and Tryion eat together. When Jaime admits his doubts about being able to defend the king with onlt one hand, Tryion offers up Bronn to help train Jaime to fight with his off and only remaining hand.

Varys come to Tryion and tells him that Shae has been spotted coming out of his chambers and offers Tyrion an escape plan for her. She is not keen on the idea, so Tyrion is forced to belittle her into wanting to leave.

Melisandre burns three people at the stake in the name of the God of Light. Staniss's wife actually takes the red woman's side and suggests she speak with their daughter.

The wedding of Joffrey and Margaery takes place without a hitch, but things get interesting at the reception. Joffrey belittles Tyrion and makes him his cup servant, but soon after Joffrey falls to the ground poisined. Cersie pionts the finger of blame at Tyrion.


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