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Moments after Jorah kidnaps Tyrion, we see him steal a small boat and toss Tyrion inside. When Tyrion comes to, he realizes they're headed in the wrong direction. After prodding his captor, Tyrion not only learns the man's identity but that he's being taken to Queen Daenerys as well.

He figures out Dany learned of Jorah's betrayal and exiled him. This was all about getting back in her good graces. Though Jorah is impressed, he knocks Tyrion out forcing him to be quiet.

Elsewhere, Jaime and Bronn sail toward Dorne aboard an unmarked ship. Bronn finds this sneaking around curious, but Jaime explains he has to be the one to bring Myrcella home. When the conversation turns to Tyrion, Jaime blames Varys for his escape and promises to avenge his father if he and his brother ever come face to face again.

Once they land in Dorne, it isn't long before the two men are attacked by Dornish soldiers. A fight breaks out and though Jaime is not as skilled as he once was, he realizes he has an advantage using his golden hand to block his opponents sword. The dynamic duo now has the proper attire to blend in.

Meanwhile, Ellaria Sand tells the Sand Snakes they must avenge Oberyn, despite the fact Prince Doran refuses to go to war. Having captured the captain of the ship that brought Jaime to Dorne, Oberyn's bastard daughters are well aware he's come for Myrcella. They must move quickly, there's no time to waste.

In her thirst for revenge, Cersei decides to re-arm the Faith Militant granting the High Sparrow the power to dispense justice. Of course, this is a terrible mistake and will come back to haunt her. However, in the meantime, she offers up Ser Loras as a sinner knowing Queen Margaery will get involved.

At Castle Black, we find the new Lord Commander reaching out to several houses in the hopes of enlisting new recruits. Jon stalls when a letter addressed to Roose Bolton appears. This is the man who murdered his family after all. Sam reminds him they need all the help they can get, so Jon reluctantly signs.

Soon Melisandre enters, asking Jon to accompany them to Winterfell as he knows the place well. She attempts to seduce Jon, but he rejects her, saying he's still in love with Ygritte. "You know nothing, Jon Snow," Melisandre says walking away with a smile.

Stannis visits his daughter, Shireen, who asks if he's ashamed of her. Stannis goes on to share the story of how she became infected with greyscale as a child and how he fought to cure her. Shireen is pleased with his response and throws her arms around her father.

Sansa and Littlefinger discuss her Aunt Lyanna in front of the woman's statue. Lord Baelish recounts the story of how Rhaegar Targaryen won a tournament, but rather than join his wife, he rode past her giving Lyanna the victor’s crown. Rhaegar chose Sansa's aunt, and countless people suffered because of it.

Littlefinger tells Sansa that he has to leave for King's Landing, but promises Stannis will arrive soon to take Winterfell. She won't have to suffer the Boltons for long, and will likely be named "Wardeness of the North." He kisses her and takes his leave.

In Meereen, Hizdah states his case for reopening the city's fighting pits. It isn't long before the Sons of the Harpy attack, proving only traditions might keep the city from crumbling. Several Unsullied, including Grey Worm, battle against the Sons of the Harpy but they find themselves overwhelmed. Ser Barristan joins the fight and takes down several enemies. Unfortunately, the old knight falls and an injured Grey Worm collapses at his side.

Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Melisandre: Winterfell was your home once. Don't you want to chase the rats out of it?
Jon: Castle Black is my home now. The Night's Watch take no part in the wars of the seven kingdoms.

Cersei: In the days before the Targaryens, the Faith Militant dispensed the justice of the seven.
High Sparrow: Well, the Faith Militant was disarmed more than two centuries ago.
Cersei: If I explained their holy purpose to my son, the king, I have no doubt he will sign a decree arming the believers you felt worthy.
High Sparrow: An army that defends the bodies and souls of the common people?
Cersei: An army in service to the Gods themselves. And to you, of course, as the chosen representative of the seven.