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the battle continues in Meereen and Daenerys argues with the masters. 

One of them comments that her reign is over, but at that moment, a dragon appears and she flies off on it. 

The other two follow and they start laying waste to the bad guys. 

Tyrion and Grey Worm exchange some harsh words with the masters, before Greyworm murders two of them, setting the other free. 

Yara and Theon show up in Meereen and offer Daenerys the use of her boats if she helps get Yara on the throne. 

Daenerys agrees, but on the condition that the siblings change their ways. They agree. 

Sansa informs Jon that he doesn't know what Ramsey is capable off, but Jon takes it in stride. 

Sansa makes it clear that Ramsey has no intention of giving them their brother back. 

Ramsey kills Rickon just before the battle. 

During the battle, Jon's army diminishes, but just as Ramsey thinks he has won, Littlefinger showed up the with vale and they fought Ramsey. 

Ramsey ran off, back to Winterfell, but Wun Wun was hot on his tail and took the doors down, before dying.

Jon punched Ramsey's face in, but Sansa was the one who killed him by sending his hound in to kill him.


Game of Thrones
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