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Bran and the three eyed Raven are the Winterfell and witness Ned and Bran's family from several years ago. Bran wants to stay, but the raven says no and they return to the present. Bran tries to speak to Meera, but she is still annoyed about the death of her brother. 

Tyrion and Varys try to work out what their next move will be and Tyrion decides to set the dragons free because they haven't been the same since Daenerys' departure.  The dragons trusted him enough to set them free. 

Cersei sent the Mountain to take care of the man who flashed his penis at her when she was doing her walk of shame. When she attempted to go to Myrcella's funeral, she was told that Tommen had her under strict orders to stay in the castle for her protection. 

When Cersei got to meet with her son, she asked about the finer details of the funeral. 

Jaime and Tommen were with Myrcella, but when the high sparrow appeared, Jaime sent Tommen out of the way and he had an argument with the sparrow. 

Ramsey murdered his father and made Walda and her baby come to Winterfell, where he set the hounds on them and killed them. 

Balon and Yara are arguing about what comes next, but Balon goes for a walk and bumps into Euron, who kills him. 

At his funeral, Yara speaks about becoming the next in line, but she is met with harsh criticism. 

Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Open the door and the men inside can rejoin their brothers in peace.


Bran: The three eyed raven says there’s a war coming.
Meera: And we’re going to fight it in there?