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Ghost howls as Jon Snow's body lays on the snow in a pool of blood. 

Davos appears and realizes what has gone on and takes the body in, followed by a group of men on his side. The try and figure out exactly what happened, but they know it was Alliser that had a hand in the murder of their lord commander. 

Melisandre shows up and says that she saw him in flames. 

Alisser shows up at the door and says that Davos and his men can leave and take Melisandre with them, but if they don't have an answer by nightfall, then there would be blood. 

Khaleesi was in a lot of trouble with the Dothraki army, but things looked up for her when she told them that she was Khal's widow. 

They were more warm to her, but when she asked to be taken back to Meereen, she was presented with the shock revelation that all of Khal's widows live out the rest of their days together. 

Tyrion and Varys tried to work out what to do next, but they realized they were in trouble and had to find the person behind the sons of the harpie, or they'd probably be the next ones dead. Someone was watching their every move from the distance. 

Sansa and Theon continued to run from Ramsey's men, but the day was saved when Brienne showed up when all hope looked lost. 

Sansa agreed to have Brienne be at her service and they got set to continue. 

Jaime returned home to Cersei and had to break the news that Myrcella was dead. This led to Cersei openly chatting about the witch who promised that three of her children would fall. 

She and Jaime said that it was time they took their enemies out once and for all. 

Ellaria put her plan into action when she and her daughters began avenging the death of Oberyn by murdering Doran and his son. 

Margaery tried to get to see her brother, but she was told to confess or she wasn't seeing him. 

Melisandre went into Jon's bedroom and we got to see a glimpse of what she really looks like. 

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