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Pycelle is getting ready for the trial and sends his prostitute away. 

Ser Loras vows to devote his life to the seven after admitting his crimes. Lancel chased a kid after Cersei doesn't show up. 

The Mountain stops Tommen from leaving for the trial. 

Lancel is in a room full of wildfire and it blows up, taking the septum down with it and everyone inside.

Cersei has the woman who shamed her tied up to get revenge on her. She brings the mountain in to torture her and leaves. 

Samwell and Gilly make it to the Citadel and Samwell goes to the library, leaving Gilly herself. 

Davos confronts Melisandre for killing Shireen and Jon Snow sends her North. 

Sansa and Jon decide on bedrooms and Sansa lets Jon know that she will always consider him family. 

Daenerys speaks to Daario and lets him know that he will be staying in Meereen. 

She notes that she will probably need to marry someone in order to gain an alliance in Westeros. Daario is annoyed, but ultimately agrees. 

Daenerys makes Tyrion the hand of the Queen. 

Olenna goes to Dorne and makes an alliance with Ellaria Sand. 

Lady Morment declares Jon Snow as the King of the North. 

Bran goes back to the tower of joy and it is revealed that Jon Snow is Lyanna Stark's son. 

Arya shows up and kills Walder Frey. 

Cersei takes to the throne just as Jaime returns. 

Daenerys and her army are on their way to Westeros.



Game of Thrones
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