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Daenerys learns that Cersei has taken back over Casterly Rock. 

Everyone meets up, but Daenerys is nowhere to be seen, and she rides into the meeting on Drogon. After seeing the wight, she reluctantly agrees to a short-term truce. 

But only if Jon bends the knee and remains in the north. Despite everyone wanting him to agree, he says he cannot and that's because he hates lying. 

Tyrion goes to meet Cersei to redefine the deal and eventually she agrees that the Lannisters would join the fight. Later, however, she reveals to Jaime that it was all a ruse and that she was ready to allow them all to fight to the death. 

Jaime leaves Cersei threatens to have the Mountain kill him. 

Theon seeks approval from Jon before embarking a mission t save Yara, but he had to win back his friends and that involved murder. 

Daenerys and Jon sleep with one another and Bran reveals to Samwell that Rhaegar is the father and that Jon is no bastard. 

Sansa turns the tables on Littlefinger and allows Arya to kill him. 

sometime later, the dragon and the night king got through the wall after another big twist that found Viserion melting the wall. 

Game of Thrones
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