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Jon and Daenerys show up at Winterfell with the Unsullied and Tyrion, and of course, the dragons. 

Lyanna Mormont told Jon that the people made him the King in the North, and he ran off. He countered that he did so because he knew the war was coming and that they needed allies. 

Daenerys and Sansa got into it, and bickered in front of everyone. Sansa sent Lord Umber back to his hometown and told him they would spare what they could. 

Sansa worried that Winterfell did not have enough resources to keep the armies alive. 

She and Tyrion had a conversation in which they put the past aside. 

Arya and Jon reunited and Arya asked Gendry to fix her up a Valerian steel weapon. 

Tyrion and Varys wondered what Daenerys and Jon would be like once married. 

Daenerys and Jon went out for a ride on the dragons, and Jon was scared. He admitted that it ruined horses for him for good. 

Cersei was mad she didn't get elephants but arrived at an impasse with Euron. The pair had sex, and Euron was adamant he would be putting a prince in her belly. 

Daenerys told Samwell about his father and brother dying, and Samwell turned to Jon with the truth about his lineage. 

Jon said it was wrong, but Samwell made a compelling case for the truth. 

Theon saved Yara, and she said she was returning to the Iron Islands. 

Theon headed for Winterfell. 

Beric and Tormund made their way through Eastwatch and met some of the others. However, they were greeted by the body of Lord Umber. Beric set him on fire. 


Game of Thrones
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