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Ryan finds his secret duffle bag missing and heads to a safe house. He finds out that Jessica took it and reaches out to her to explain. They meet and she agrees to keep his secret if he'll work for the DA's office and can get Acosta to become an informant.

Chapel worked out a deal with the Lords to attack Acosta in prison. 

Acosta gives up the Metas and the Gang Task Force takes down the drug lab and their bank. Meanwhile, he's working on a deal with his sons to get the Lords on their side against the Metas. Daniel makes the deal.

Jessica goes to her boss with the information about Ryan. In turn, DA Ellis goes to Acosta. She's been working with him. They decide Jessica needs to be taken care of. 

In retaliation for the Gang Task Force bust, the Metas' leader wants Chapel to pay and orders a hit on Jessica. 

Jessica is attacked and killed in her home. It's unclear if it was the Metas or if it was Acosta who carried out the hit.

Carter listens to a message Jessica left him mentioning she found out something about Ryan Lopez.

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