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Ryan believes he'll be in the clear after having Javier arrested, but the police continue to pursue the mole. With the Acostas being tapped and followed, Ryan isn't able to contact them.

Ryan overhears IA discuss continuing the investigation into him since they believe he had Javier arrested because he knew he was being followed. When Javier's about to be let out on bail, Ryan steps up and testifies that the cartel leader is a threat and bail is denied.

Javier, Carlos and Daniel meet to discuss the "Orphan" and what to do about him. Daniel reaches out, but Ryan misses the met because the cops were watching Daniel. Javier gives the greenlight to take out Ryan.

Ryan convinces Chapel to let him go talk to Javier and threaten Daniel's prosecution. When Ryan's there, he tries to explain why he "turned" on Javier. They come up with a plan to get rid of the Metas, but it means Javier will remain in prison. Javier keeps the greenlight active until he can confirm that Ryan frames the other cop mole.

Ryan meets the other cop, but he's guilty and kills himself. Ryan sets it up for him to take the fall. Chapel and the department buy it.

Daniel goes to Jason to get his money back, but his friend denies he has it. Daniel beats him with a golf club and gives him two hours to wire transfer the money.

The Metas figure out that the Los Angelicos killed Salazar and decide to wipe out the Acostas after they get their next payment and transfer the drug routes.

Jessica walks in on the Los Angelicos hitman ready to take out Ryan. He gets the call to rescind the greenlight just in time. She waits for Ryan and goes to start a fire. She sees something's wrong and finds Ryan's secret stash. She finds out he's connected to the Acostas.


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