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Chapel and his team head to Mexico in search of murder suspect Matias. They stop a truck in Mexico, but Matias isn't in it. Instead, they get El Mozo's daughter, Monica. Chapel threatens to kill Monica if El Mozo doesn't give up Matias. The leader of the Metas denies he had anything to do with Jessica's death. Ryan intervenes before Chapel can hurt Monica and works out a trade for Matias.

At the exchange, Matias has the Mexican cops on his side and they take Chapel and his team. Matias reiterates that he did not kill Jessica. He gives Chapel and his team a free pass and tells them inside the building near them are those responsible for killing Jessica.

The men inside are from Los Angelicos. Javier Acosta ordered Jessica's death.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Silvia get married. Lavar agrees to provide protection for Javier in prison. Instead of putting Carlos in charge, Javier anoints Daniel his successor. Siliva overhears the conversation and Daniel shuts the door on her. Carlos is furious.

Daniel meets with the Los Angelicos leadership and lets them know he's in charge. Carlos leaves upset and finds that he can move his foot.

Ryan confronts Javier about Jessica's death. Acosta admits he was responsible and claims it was to protect Ryan. The Orphan turns on Acosta. When Javier is taken back to his cell, he's put in the East Wing with the Metas and attacked.

Gang Related
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Gang Related Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Chapel: Your father made his choice when he murdered my daughter. It's not me. It's too bad he's not a better man.
Monica: I'm sure your daughter would feel the same about you right now.

Ryan: I know what you did to Jessica.
Acosta: I'm sorry, Ryan.