"Gary Fixes Allison's Garbage Disposal"

Gary and Allison end up in bed together when Gary comes to fix her garbage disposal.

"Gary and His Half Brother"

Gary's half brother, Mitch (Rob Riggle) comes to visit and makes Gary re-evaluate how he's been acting.

"Gary and the Trophy"

Gary's bowling team makes it to the finals and when a team member quits, he's forced to ask Allison to join the team.

"Gary Hooks Up Allison"

When Allison has been spending too much time at Gary's since her break up with Krandall, Gary tries to play matchmaker for Allison.

"Gary Uses His Veto"

Gary wants Louise to play golf but already used up his veto power

"Gary's Ex-Brother-In-Law"

Gary's ex brother-in-law (Matthew Lillard) comes to visit and just loves rubbing his well-to-do status in Gary's face. But when Gary uncovers a secret about him the tables may turn.

"Gary and Dennis' Sister"

Gary begins to spend a lot of time with Dennis' sister and they end up kissing. Dennis' sister then begins to nag Gary and Dennis to talk about she and Gary getting married.

"Gary Moves In"

When Allison comes over to pick up the kids, she turns on Gary's broken dishwasher despite his warning. The dishwasher floods his apartment and a guilty Allison invites him to stay with her.

"Gary Dates Louise's Teacher"

When Gary goes to Louise's open house he ends up having dates with two of her teachers.. on the same night!

"Gary Toughens Up Tom"

When Tom gets a C- in phys ed, Gary decides it's because Tom has been spending too much time with Dr. Krendall and not enough time with him.

Gary Unmarried Quotes

Louise: Thank you dad, you restored my faith in men
Allison: What'd he do? Wear pants to go get the mail?

Ms. St James: If we're going on a date you should call me erica
Gary: But can I call you ms St James on the date cause that's kinda hot?