When Gary's daughter Louise decides she's losing faith in men, he tries to convince her that not all men are so shallow.  When Gary goes to her open house, he desperately tries to keep his point and not hit on her hot teacher's assistant, Ms. St James.  All Louise wants is for him to like her idol, her ugly teacher Ms. Plummer. However, when Ms. St James gives him her number he can't help but call her the next day.  Louise overhears the conversation and when he hangs up he lies and says it was Ms. Plummer.  His daughter makes him call her back and ask her out on a date.

Gary now has a date with both teachers on the same night... Friday.  Desperate to not give Ms. Plummer the wrong idea, he goes with his ex-wife's idea of making the date a friendship date at the gym.  When Ms. Plummer shows up she looks really hot outside of her work clothes.  She suggests Gary and her spar in the boxing ring for their workout.  While inside she admits not only that she is an expert in boxing but that she knew that Gary had a date with both her and Ms. St James and that Ms. St James is getting dinner at a 5 star restaurant and she got a date at the gym.  While beat the crap out of him Gary keeps apologizing and might end up with a date out of it anyways.  Afterward, Gary apologizes to his daughter for asking out both teachers and takes her ont he nice date instead.

Meanwhile, Gary's son, Tom, is having some relationship problems.  His girlfriend was spending so much time at his locker he invited her to move into his locker.  However, as Gary soon discovers, she completely took over the locker and barely left it recognizable as his.  Things get even worse for him when she discovers he left his social studies book in another girl's locker!  What was he doing there?  They break up and he has to temporarily crash at his friend's locker.  He loves the single life again.  Yes, there were a bunch of other funny jokes regarding the lockers being apartments but this is a recap, not a retelling of the jokes!

Gary Unmarried
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Gary Unmarried Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Louise: Thank you dad, you restored my faith in men
Allison: What'd he do? Wear pants to go get the mail?

Ms. St James: If we're going on a date you should call me erica
Gary: But can I call you ms St James on the date cause that's kinda hot?