When Gary's overachieving daughter Louise is about to pick up yet another hobby, learning Chinese, Gary decides to stand up to Allison.  He uses his "veto" power top stop her from learning Chinese.  Apparently Gary and Allison give each other one veto per year as per their marriage counselor's recommendation and they both respect it.

In an attempt to bond with his son and for Allison's dad, Charlie, to bond with his grandson, they take Tom to go golfing.  Louise, who was supposed to just sit back and read as they play golf, tries a swing and turns out to be amazing.  Gary wants to convince Allison to let Louise take up golfing, but fears she will use her veto power.  He attempts to get Allison to waste her veto power by getting Tom a dirt bike.  However, Allison's mom realizes that Charlie is lying, and Allison calls Gary out on his bluff and doesn't use her veto.  Gary reluctantly gives Tom the bike, having no choice.  Allison then later sees Louise practicing putting in the house and realizes why they were trying to get her to waste her veto and quickly vetoes golf.

Behind Allison's back, Gary and Charlie take Louise golfing again.  However, Allison and her mother show up at the course and bitch Gary out for violating the sacred veto.  However, when an angry group of Chinese golfers comes to yell at Gary, Louise talks to them in Mandarin and Gary quickly realizes Allison violates his veto on that.   The episode then ends with Louise now playing golf and Tom actually being talented on the dirt bike.

Gary Unmarried
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Gary Unmarried Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Gary: When are you gonna take time to be a kid
Louise: In my late 30's like you
Gary: I'd ground you for that, but then I wouldn't have anyone to play with

Why does Louise have to learn Chinese? When the Chinese take over the world they're going to teach it to us for free in their re-education camps