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Carlene rallies from her embarrassment in church and plots to get back at Amanda this week.

Amanda comes face to face with the fact that she created a monstrous societal high school hierarchy at her Alma mater when Laura finds herself fighting her way through what her mother started.

Gigi tries to throw the coming out society party she never to throw for Amanda when she was younger, but Carlene and her minions ensure it will never happen.

Amanda tries to meet with Carlene to put the past behind them but finds even the tiniest inroads made toward a common bond are met with dead ends.

Carlene determines she will use Booby Licious for good and dresses the waitresses in couture created by an Amish designer.

Ripp reminds Carlene the man rules the home and we learn Cricket and Blake have an understanding of their own.

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GCB Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Gigi: You know it was awfully nice of her to dedicate this song to you.
Amanda: Mother, Jesus Take The Wheel? My husband died in a car crash.

Nothing ever blows over with Carlene. Be afraid. Be very afraid.