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Carlene meddles in both Sharon's and Cricket's marriages on this installment of GCB.

Carlene and Ripp are having troubles in their very large, very lovely bed.

Cricket is enjoying time with her many workout partners, and enjoyment means having sex.

Gigi really wants Amanda to get back into the dating pool.

It turns out Ripp was one of Bill Vaughn's victims, and Ripp thinks Amanda knows where money is hidden.

Carlene finds out exactly what kind of workouts Cricket gets.

Sharon confronts Zach and they get Amanda out of their lives.

Carlene and Ripp decide Bill is still alive.

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GCB Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I don't remember the exact verse, but the bible is just full of that kind of whoop ass.


Why you askin' me? From the way you talk Ripp knocks the nickels out of you every five seconds.