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After her marriage falls apart, Amanda Vaughn returns to Dallas on the GCB premiere and faces the wrath of her hometown.

Amanda Vaughn's life and that of her family's is turned upside down when her ponzi scheming husband dies after stealing billions.

Her family is forced to move back to Dallas where she grew up as a mean girl.

All the former girls from high school are bible thumping mean women themselves, praying for Amanda's downfall.

All of the husbands remember her for the beauty she was.

Gifts keep appearing at Gigi's door for Amanda, but she refuses them all.

The girls come over for a welcome home visit.

Amanda has a tough time getting a job because the girls have made sure she won't find one.

Amanda settles for a job a Booby Licious.

Amanda discovers Cricket's husband Blake is gay.

Booby Licious is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Kitten Corp

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GCB Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Carlene: We're gonna follow the advice of Psalms 18:39.
Sharon: Um..my bible's in my other purse.

I don't care how bad things are. I will never go back to Dallas.