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General Hospital
Episode Recap, 4.28.08

Today on General Hospital ...

Miffed to hear Patrick crowing to Coleman about how hot Anna is, Robin takes him to task for fantasizing about her mother. On the docks, Spinelli fakes an appendicitis attack.

Jerry quietly warns Ian not to try running off again.

Sonny barely dodges a bullet when Johnny misses his aim. Patrick reacts with possessive jealousy after a leering Coleman compliments Robin on her new earth mother glow.

Jax catches Morgan trying to call his big brother at the hospital and realizes how much the boy misses Michael. Lulu begs Johnny not to fire again. After the young Zacchara storms off, Sonny points out to a shaken Lulu why she needs to steer clear of Claudia's brother.

Diane reminds Max that his employer cannot keep them from seeing one another. Still pinned down by Anthony's gun-toting goons, Claudia promises Jason that if they survive she'll provide him with proof that her father was responsible for the shooting at the coffee warehouse.

In the ER, Maxie and Spinelli team up to knock Ian cold. Jax sadly confides to his brother that he doesn't know how he and Carly will survive losing Michael. Claudia's remarks hit a little too close to home.

Spinelli and Maxie wheel the unconscious Ian down to the morgue. Diane again pushes Max to stand up to Sonny. Lulu demands answers from Johnny. Jax tells Alexis his plan to legally adopt both of his stepsons. Kate and Sonny spend the night lying in each other's arms.

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