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Jerry points his gun at a trembling Carly, as Irina holds her own weapon to Jax's throat. Trevor informs a bristling Sonny that he came to Port Charles to visit his girlfriend ... Kate.

PART ONE: On the drive home, Spinelli attempts to convince Jason that the goons lied in order to frame Sam. Meanwhile, Sam reminds Lucky why they shouldn't act on their growing feelings for one another. Jax (Ingo Rademacher) urges his brother to release Carly but Irina orders Jerry to kill both hostages instead.

Kate tells Ric about his dad coming to town.

PART TWO: Warning that involving Trevor will only harm her case, Ric guesses at the true nature of Kate's relationship with his father. Spinelli entreats Jason not to punish Sam for her latest indiscretion. Jerry declares his love to Irina, then calmly shoots her dead without blinking an eye.

Amelia easily sees through Sam's flimsy excuse for hiring Lucky.

PART THREE: Sonny advises Trevor to go back to Manhattan before he bites off more than he can chew. Before departing with Carly, Jax furiously instructs his brother never to come near him again. Under questioning from Emily, Elizabeth insists she has every intention of trying to keep her marriage intact.

CONCLUSION: Sonny gives an astonished Jason a heads-up regarding the latest development with Trevor. After zipping Irina into a body bag, Jerry dumps her corpse into the sea.

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