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Jax tries to escape but that only earns him another beating at the hands of his captors. From her jail cell, Kate complains to Sonny about being locked in the slammer for a minor traffic violation. Patrick wonders about Robin's sudden reluctance to get intimate with him.


Upset to see how attached Lulu has become to Logan, Spinelli turns to Jason for advice. Carly thanks Jerry for helping her work to free her best friend. Ric decides to recall Sam to the witness stand in hopes that the angry woman will take a golden opportunity to exact revenge on the lover who wronged her.


At the hospital, Noah attempts to referee another quarrel between his son and Robin. Sonny arranges for Diane to have Kate released into his custody. Carly gives Lulu a word to the wise. Jax's jailer forces him to have sex with her again by threatening to harm Michael and Morgan.


Ric (Rick Hearst) is disappointed when Sam elects not to deliver any damaging testimony against Jason after all. Kate masquerades as a hooker to slip past the media unnoticed as she leaves the precinct house. Lulu happily accepts Spinelli's heartfelt apology, then offers him one of her own. Robin finally blurts out to an astonished Patrick that she thinks she may be pregnant.

A shaken Kate admits to Sonny how frightened she is of serving time. Carly receives a disturbing call concerning her missing husband.

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