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Lulu and Logan make love for the first time. Despite Irina's boasts, Carly refuses to believe that Jax is dead. Sam covers for the goons she hired after Lucky catches her chatting with them in the park.

Jason promises to assign guards to Elizabeth and her boys, then regretfully agrees that he can't endanger Jake by being any part of the child's life.


Sonny again reminds Kate why she needs to demonstrate more remorse during her next court appearance. Lucky thanks Sam (Kelly Monaco) for saving his family from the thugs who accosted Elizabeth.

As they part, Jason and Elizabeth declare their love for one another and seal it with a kiss.

Basking in the afterglow, Lulu tells Logan how close she feels to him now.


Jerry calls Irina's bluff when she threatens to kill Carly in front of him. Later, Carly sneaks aboard the Russian trawler and manages to locate her bloodied and bruised husband. Ric icily informs Elizabeth that he finally sees her for who she really is.

Sonny urges a distraught Jason not to turn his back on his son. Logan tells Maxie their deal is off because he hasn't done the deed with Lulu.


Diane arranges for a pleased Kate to do community service instead of jail time. Elizabeth and Lucky discuss the uncertain future of their shaky marriage.

A gloating Irina catches Carly trying to free Jax. Ric (Rick Hearst) gleefully informs Kate he's going to ensure that she receives the maximum sentence behind bars.

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