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Episode Guide: Part I

Robin and Patrick, and an excited Anna, check out the stage where Noah is slated to make his big singing debut. Unnerved by her encounter with Ric, Kate tells Sonny she can no longer afford to have any connection to him.

Episode Guide: Part II

Jason instructs Spinelli to unearth the identity of the men who threatened Elizabeth and her kids. Patrick is outraged when Noah gets cold feet and decides to back out of the benefit concert at the last minute. As Sam pays off her hired thugs, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) guesses the truth and cautions the host of "Everyday Heroes" that her secret is bound to come out eventually.

Episode Guide: Part III

Emily and Nikolas enjoy a romantic moment at Windemere. Elizabeth and Lucky fall into another quarrel about Jason. Meanwhile, Spinelli is dismayed when his mentor discloses his decision to keep away from Jake and Elizabeth permanently.

Noah confides to Anna why his son harbored such anger for so long.

Episode Guide: Part IV

Later, Anna gives her new friend some advice on healing his relationship with Patrick. Ric gleefully rejects Kate's offer to do community service and sever all ties with his mobster brother.

Claiming her former relationship with Jason has made her a target, Sam asks Lucky if he would sign on as her personal bodyguard.

Robin commends Patrick for mending fences with his dad.

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